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REGISTRATION– forms found in Registration section
We, at Christ the King Youth Camp, strive to make our camps as accessible to kids and volunteers as possible. Though rooted in our Catholic faith, youth and volunteers of all denominations are welcome to partake in camp life with us.



We would prefer no vehicles within the camp boundaries to avoid any injuries so if possible pack appropriately to make packing into and out of your cabin as simple as possible. (There is a fair distance to walk between the parking area and the dorms).


Check-In for Youth camp week is 4:00p.m the first day of camp. (VBS starts @ 9:00a.m. each morning)
Upon arriving at camp, camper/and parent can carry all camper belongings to their designated dorm then return to the check-in area for introductions and the welcome process.
During the Check-in process, you can expect the following things to happen:

  1. Turn in all medications. (See Medications Policy)

  2. Verify who is able to pick your child up at the end of the week.

  3. Priest, facilitators, counselor and camper Introductions.

  4. Camp rules and guidelines discussed.

  5. Week run down

  6. Icebreakers

(VBS parents/guardians will be required to sign in each morning and then will be directed to their group station).


Check-Out for Youth camp week is 2:00p.m. the final day of camp. (VBS finishes @ noon each day)Check-Out process:

  1. There will be a Closing program starting promptly at ... in the Chapel/hall and ending by.... Family and friends are invited to join us.

  2. Please do not arrive prior to ... unless you are willing to help us clean.

  3. The camper’s belongings will be at the back of the hall and ready to be packed up into your vehicle at dismissal


  4. All campers will be released to their parents by 2:00pm (once the Photo I.D. is presented?) and the sign out sheet

    is signed, unless an early pick-up time has been arranged with the Director ahead of time.

(VBS parents/guardians will be required to sign out each day before leaving with their child/ren).

If you should need to reach your child due to an EMERGENCY, please text or phone Jacqualine 306 322-7693 and contact with that child or a pickup will be arranged if necessary. An alternate contact person is...



Visitors are discouraged from attending during the week of camp, for the safety of the children and youth, however if there are adult visitors or adult volunteers during VBS in the mornings the following procedures should be followed:

  1. All visitors on site must sign in.

  2. For the duration of visit, guests will wear a visitor badge.

  3. Visitors must sign out at their time of departure.

  4. Any adult that is seen on the premises without a visitor badge will be escorted to a board member by an available

    staff member or volunteer and properly signed in or escorted off the premises.

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