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Please carefully read and convey this pertinent message to your family, friends and guests joining you at our camp this summer.

Christ the King Camp gets a spring-cleaning every year in May. After that time, it is up to you, the renter, to keep the place clean and tidy for the next group coming for their event. Our rental fees are such that the maintenance person is basically responsible for mowing the lawn and cleaning the bathrooms.

This is Saskatchewan - there are spider webs in our doorways every morning, dust is a continual problem and the flies are enough to drive a person crazy! A spring-cleaning does not last a whole season. Please feel free to help out if you see something that needs to be done.

Every year complaints are recorded for us to address and every year we do the best that we can to rectify the wrongs brought to our attention.

The primary renter and the caretaker are responsible for checking the kitchen, hall, bathrooms and all the cabins and dorms that were used before leaving camp, so please be good to your organizer – he/she does not want to spend extra time cleaning up after you.

To note: Not every group uses all the cabins or dorms; that sock, ponytail elastic or fingernail may have lain dormant in that particular cabin for quite some time.

Please continue to inform us of anything at Rex Mundi Camp that can be remedied or changed, but be gentle and forgiving of our mistakes. Other than the pittance given to our caretakers, all of our labour falls into the hands of volunteers. Volunteers committed to doing God’s work by maintaining to the best of their ability the land and buildings entrusted to them for your pleasure. As much as we would like to be, we are not a five star hotel... this camp is a place of rustic beauty – primitive camping in the true sense, and most importantly, affordable! Our buildings are old and in need of repair, our furniture and mattresses need replacing, the grounds are an ongoing extensive maintenance project so please be patient with our endeavors, when monies are available...updates and changes happen.

To those of you that are new to the use of our facility, welcome, the rules are the rules no change for you, however, if you are a long-time user of our camp please read the updated camp policies and guidelines.
Rules are in place for the good of all, renters and volunteers alike.

To ensure continuity of rental agreements, the primary renter shall bring concerns to the caretaker for the board to address accordingly:

  • Respectfully submit pertinent concerns immediately.

  • Trivial issues can be formulated on the evaluation sheet given to you for that purpose.

Please abide by the policies and guidelines of the camp to ensure an enjoyable holiday for you and those following in your footsteps trusting that we are endeavouring to do the best that we can with the monies and volunteers available to us.

P.S. Monetary donations and willing volunteers are always welcome!


Free camping May long weekend is available for volunteers wishing to help with yearly spring-cleaning.

Please contact Jacqualine @ 306 322-2291 0r 306 322-7694 if you

and/or your family/party are able to help out in any way. Thanks.

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