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Answers to frequent questions… (availability of amenities subject to change)


You must bring your own bedding.  To note:  Until we are able to buy new mattresses in the future, you may do well to bring mattress covers or extra sheets/mattress pads.


None of the cabins are sound-proof!  If you are a light sleeper bring ear plugs.


Cabins 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5 are the most removed from the action, however, they are also the furthest from the washroom/ shower house. There is an outhouse central to the five cabins as well as a separate firepit.


There are 4 individual apartments attached to each of the dorms for those wishing to house the teenagers in the dorm, and yet stay close to their shenanigans. 


There is electricity in all of the cabins (lights and plug-ins for re-charging your electronics), but none of the cabins have attached bathrooms.


Yard lights supply sufficient light to the washrooms, but you may still want to bring a flashlight and possibly an umbrella for those rainy trips across the lawn.

There are two toilet stalls and two showers in each of the washrooms.


RV Campers have access to water and electricity, but no sewer dumpsite.  Sites 1-6 back in trailers 7-11 pull through sites.

(A public camper waste dumpsite is possibly in the works, however, until then… one, possibly both local septic businesses have onsite extraction capabilities.)


There is drinking water onsite (white faucet in the kitchen).  There is also a water cooler, however, you must bring your own blue jugs that can be refilled from the faucet or big water tank outside.  (water is seasonally inspected)


The Kitchen has all the basics, however, small appliances may change or disappear due to age.


Closing the cabin windows during the heat of the day will help to avoid excess over-cooking at night.  Saskatchewan nights generallycool down, so opening the windows after the sun has gone down will help night sweats.  There are two fans available in the hall to use on a first come first serve basis so if you don’t want to fight over them bring your own fan.


Available for your outdoor entertainment… horseshoe pit, volleyball court/s, string golf (ladder ball), baseball bases (bring your own… balls, bats, gloves), shuffleboard (bring your own wax), and sand toys.  

Bring your own books, electronics and indoor entertainment for rainy days.  There is a TV with a DVD/VCR in the play room (bring your own movies).


Also to add to your ‘don’t forget list’… wiener sticks, beach chairs (hall chairs are not to be taken outside), tea towels, first aid kit and something to deter mosquitos from yourselves and the bathrooms (mosquitos can be pesky when showering). 


There is a stocked woodshed with an axe available on-site.


Also available onsite:  ironing board/iron for special days, wringer washer for long stays (coin laundry available at the lake resort booth), 2 playpens for baby stays (no bedding).


The outdoor altar area is shaded at 4:00 p.m. in the middle of July if you are considering a wedding ceremony or outdoor church service.  The church holds approximately 50-60? people and is available for all denominations though its contents must not be disturbed.  If necessary you will need to bring your own speaker system and/ or electric piano with extension cords in order to play music for special occasions outside (There is an organ in the church, however, it too will need long extension cords).


The hall holds approximately 120 people or more if you are a cozy group.  There are hooks on the walls for decorations (please do not use tacks, tape or other decoration anchors).  For a larger group of people you will need to bring/rent a tent which can be set up wherever you choose.  There are plug-ins in the hall, extension cords may be needed.


There are three freezers for all your frozen foods.  (Wedding/ large group note:  one freezer will hold 25-30ish regular bags of ice and more can be bought on-site at either the booth (McCrea side) or clubhouse (Woulfe side) at the lake resort.

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