Rex Mundi Camp Guidelines

The renter (the person who signs the contract) will be responsible for enforcing the regulations to his/her people. The caretaker will bring notable regulation infractions to the renter, but will not police the camp policies, if the renter does not take responsibility for his/her people obeying the rules the caretaker will approach the board for them to deal with the renter and/or individuals and invoke fines or penalties should they be required.


The Rex Mundi Camp Society Incorporated assumes no liability for personal loss due to:

injury, death, property damage or other related harm suffered by participants, spectators, site owners, leasers or others who may be adversely affected by this event.


Valid permits must be presented to the caretakers and posted if liquor is going to be sold at the event.


All vehicles should park in the designated parking area west of the chain link fence when not in use to maintain the beauty of the park as well as for safety reasons. Traffic on the lawn and within the camp proper should be kept to a minimum.


Any misuse or violation with a motor vehicle is prohibited. (no dirt bikes)


Golf carts are permitted on the camp grounds if they are used responsibly – no property damage or reckless driving.


Pets are allowed at camp, however, they must be leashed or under the direct supervision of their owners who will also be accountable for being super pooper-scoopers. (If disposal bags are used they must be properly dispensed – not left on the grounds or thrown in the bush.)
Absolutely no pets are allowed in the hall or kitchen (eating establishments).


Rex Mundi Camp Society Inc. will not be held responsible for any injuries or damages your pet may cause to others and/or their property.


Rex Mundi Camp Society Inc. has the right to prohibit any items deemed dangerous from being used at your event. (No structured play equipment, trampolines, hot tubs, etc.)


Intense loud stereo equipment is prohibited at all times.
A noise curfew of midnight will be in effect. Beyond this time we ask that you respect your neighbours by keeping noise to a minimum.


Access to Klinger’s walking Trail needs to be via the proper entrance as breaking new trails can jeopardize the privacy of all the events taking place on Rex Mundi property.

For the consideration of others please refrain from smoking in any of the buildings.  Thank you.

The Rex Mundi Camp Society Inc. reserve the right to amend these rules and regulations at any time.


We ask that everyone respect these rules and the people who enforce them. Anyone who chooses to ignore these rules or who does not respect the enforcement of these rules will be asked to leave.


  • Possession of illegal weapons, drugs or alcohol.

  • Misuse of drugs or alcohol (intoxication).

  • Rowdy behaviour.

  • Excessive noise.

  • Unauthorized sale of drugs, alcohol, merchandise or food onsite.

  • Misuse of a vehicle.

  • Tampering with any of the water sources.

  • Verbal or physical abuse to caretakers or board members.

  • Failure to adhere to any of the rules or regulations.

    Note: It is the renter’s responsibility to close the camp gate to ensure children’s safety and rental privacy as trespassers have been known to drive/ interrupt the camp in order to access the beach.