A.  General

The campgrounds belong to the Rex Mundi Camp Society Incorporation.  They were designed for the utilization of youth camps, rallies, family celebrations, retreats, conferences, seminars, community club functions, school outings, etc.

The grounds include two large dorms, kitchen, hall, briquette and gas barbeques, picnic tables, modern bathroom/shower facility, chapel, grotto, access to beach, two fire pits, sand pit, and three small rustic cabins.  There are also 13 roomettes and 14 electrical campsites also available for an additional charge/unit.


B.  Facility Equipment

Kitchen – equipped with 2 electric ranges, an electric grill, one refrigerator, walk-in cooler, 3 deep freezes, 2 toasters, large commercial toaster, 2 100 cup coffee urns, 1 30 cup coffee urn and a miscellaneous assortment of pots, pans, serving dishes and utensils.

Briquette and Gas Barbeque (must supply your own propane - two tanks necessary for full use of the BBQ) and 6 picnic tables

Hall – attached to the kitchen – 12 long tables and approximately 140 chairs.

Recreation Equipment – horseshoe pit, sandpit, Beach volleyball court, shuffleboard, table tennis, beach.


C  Regulations and Conditions of Usage

1.  Bookings can be made for June to September long weekend, however we usually hold our Annual Founder’s Day Celebration on the last Sunday of July and at least one week/year is reserved for Christian camps.

2.  When the kitchen facilities are utilized, renters are requested to leave the kitchen as it is found:

            Dishes – washed, dried and put away

            Garbage – bagged and put in container provided

            Grill – if used – grease catcher trough must be emptied and the grill cleaned.

            Barbeques – if used – grills cleaned

            All items must be removed from the coolers / refrigerator / freezers, etc.

            Floors – swept and mopped

3.  If additional seating and/or eating equipment is needed, it is the responsibility of the renter.  These must be retained at the renter’s own expense.

4.  Decorations are permitted in the hall using the wall hooks available.  Nothing is to be attached to the ceiling.  All decorations must be removed by the renter following the function.

5.  Reasonable wear and tear is accepted.  Damages will be assessed to the renter.  Tenants shall be expected to leave the premises in the same condition as at the time of rental.

6.  Fires are allowed in the pits only.

7. Furniture may be moved from building to building, but must be returned to the original building before leaving.

8.  The renter is at all times responsible for the grounds, equipment, buildings, policing and supervision.  The renter shall accept full responsibility for damages to all property during the rental period.

9.  NO FIREWORKS OR FIRE CRACKERS AFTER 11:00P.M.  (Banned completely if high Fire Hazard!)

10.  Repeated careless use of these facilities may result in a non-refunded damage deposit or suspension of the offender’s privileges.

11.  The Rex Mundi Camp Society Inc. Board of Directors reserve the right to assess a special charge, where in the opinion of the caretaker, a tenant has shown complete disregard for the above provision.



D.  Rental Procedure

For  Bookings Contact:

Rex Mundi Camp Society Incorporation

C/O Jacqualine Rustad

Box 381

Rose Valley, Saskatchewan  S0E 1M0

Telephone:  (306) 322-2291or (306) 322-7694 (cell) or email


  1. A rental deposit of 50% of the total rent must be sent with a signed copy of the agreement by September 15 of the year previous to rental year or immediately if booked after September 15th.

  2. The renter shall submit the balance of the fee, plus cabin and RV sites, by the last day of the rental period.

  3. Upon cancellation of a booking, the 50% deposit will not be returned unless the designated time is re-booked, in which case the total amount will be returned.

  4. If you check-in prior to scheduled time or check-out after scheduled time, additional fees will be charged.

Note:  The camp facility will be inspected for damages with renter and caretaker or person designated by the Board of Directors on the last day of the rental.


E.  Contacts for Outside Services


Catering Services:  (subject to change)


Christie’s Catering (306) 323-4729 or 322-7177 (cell)

Porcupine Plain:    

Fireside Catering (Dawn Horbach) phone/text (306) 613-9053

Rose Valley:

Charlene Hogan (306) 322-2247 or text (306) 322-7957/ Tony (306) 322-7967



Trombley’z Bakery (Renee Trombley) (306) 878-3535


Page Seven Catering (306) 873-2220



Heidelberg, Doug…            (306) 862-5302

Kapeller, Bob………            (306) 769-8348

Menzies, Bob………           (306) 865-2329 or 865-2245 (cell)

Vaughan, Jamie…..             (306) 278-2148


Priests:  (If you wish to celebrate Mass @ your function)

Archerwill, Naicam, Nobleville, Rose Valley, St. Front:                              

Nweze, Fr. Charles             (306) 250-0475 (cell)

Tisdale/Porcupine Plain:  

Zajac, Fr. Mariusz                (306) 873-2163 or 873-0510 (cell)

Fosston, Kelvington, Lintlaw, Perigord, Wadena:

Ogunleye, Fr.Jerome          (306) 338-2214 

Zenon Park:

Father Travis Mryheim        (306) 960-2627 (cell)